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Check Your Mobile Phones Birthplace:

When we buy a Nokia phone,then we want to know which country makes my phone.But, without that knowledge we can not find it.So,i give u the tricks that what process we can check our mobile phones made country.

If we want to check the originality of a Nokia handset, then we have to observe the IMEI number, which is a 15 digit code.You can check your mobile handset’s IMEI number by pressing *#06# on your handset. After getting your IMEI number, note down that number very carefully and lets start observing it.

Here the matters is the 7th and 8th digit in your IMEI number.

Your IMEI Number : X X X X X X ? ? X X X X X X X

From that IMEI number you must take only the 7th and 8th digit. If yourr 7th and 8th digit IMEI number is as follows:
10 = Finland = 01

20 = Germany = 02

30 = Korea = 03

40 = China = 04

50 = Brazil, USA, Finland =05

60 = HK, China, Mexico = 06

70 = Finland = 07

80 = Hungary = 08

91 = Finland = 19

Now, you can know from that, which country makes your phone.

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